Quiz : Present Perfect Tense (pasif)

Please find the best answer for each sentence :

1. The book …………. to him.

a. have been returned

b. has been returned

c. have returned

d. has returned

2. The car …………… to the customer.

a. have been delivered

b. has been delivered

c. have delivered

d. has is delivered

3. Have you ………….. by the management about the new office regulation?

a. being notice

b. being noticed

c. been noticed

d. being noticing

4. Has the fund ………….. from your account?

a. is been withdrawn

b. been withdrawn

c. being withdrawing

d. been withdrawaled

5. The new television set ……………. in the client’s house.

a. have been installed

b. has been installed

c. have been installing

d. is have been installed

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One response to “Quiz : Present Perfect Tense (pasif)

  1. dini tungga( goding )

    1) B
    2) B
    3) C
    4) D
    5) B

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