Teori : Past Tense (Passive voice)

Untuk menerangkan kejadian yang bersifat lampau atau sudah lewat. TO BE yang digunakan ialah was dan were. Kata kerja passive selalu dalam bentuk past participle.

Formula :

………. to be + verb III ……….

Examples :

1. The car was driven by Adi yesterday.
2. The books were borrowed by my friends.

Negative form :

1. The car wasn’t driven by Adi yesterday.
2. The books weren’t borrowed by my friends.

Interrogative :

1. Was the car driven by Adi yesterday? Answer : Yes, it was, or, No, it wasn’t.

2. Were the books borrowed by my friends? Answer : Yes, they were, or, No, they weren’t.



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7 responses to “Teori : Past Tense (Passive voice)

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