Latihan Present dan Past Future

Silakan lengkapi kalimat di bawah ini dengan Present atau Past Future Tense.

1. My friend ………… Semarang this afernoon.
a. will go
b. will to go to
c. will go to

2. Dian and Jacinta …………. some book when they ……. Jedi.
a. would to buy – meet
b. would bought – met
c. would buy – met

3. I ………… this letter to my uncle Surabaya.
a. would send
b. will to send
c. will send

4. My parents ………. their holiday trip to Bangkok next week.
a. would have
b. will to have
c. will have

5. President Barrack Obama ………. Indonesia on this 2010.
a. will to visit
b. will visited
c. will visit

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