Latihan Simple dan Past Tense

Latihan Simple Present Tense dan Simple Past Tense.

1. I ……… the glass on the table .
a. put
b. puts
c. puted

2. My father ………….. newspaper everyday..
a. reads
b. read
c. to read

3. Tetra ………… me a few minutes ago that her daughter was hospitalized.
a. informed
b. informs
c. informing

4. The postman ………….. the letter to my house everyday..
a. delivers
b. delivered
c. deliver

5. The children always …………… to school on foot.
a. go
b. goes
c. going

Answer :
1. a
2. a
3. a
4. a
5. a
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2 responses to “Latihan Simple dan Past Tense

  1. Rivan Agusta

    1. a Put
    2. a Reads
    3. a Informed
    4. a. Delivers
    5. b. Goes

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